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What We Do

Nest Wallet is a friendly way to use your Safe multisig wallet in browser, web and mobile.
Nest Wallet will transform your Safe experience by launching a dedicated browser extension and mobile app tailored specifically for Safes. Through Nest Wallet, every signer is allocated to a distinct device, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on a single user’s wallet.
Our browser extension offers a user experience akin to MetaMask, enabling seamless interaction with any Dapp's native interface. Users no longer need to wait on custom integrations or third-party connections like WalletConnect.
The versatility of Nest Wallet extends to the inclusion of additional signers, serving as contingency or social recovery options. This ensures that a user's funds remain recoverable even in the event of key loss. Our wallet solution is further enriched with built-in features such as transaction simulation and biometric signing, redefining the Safe experience for retail users.
Got 3 minutes? Check out a video overview of our product: