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Get Started

Starting using Nest Wallet to manage your Safe in 5 simple steps.
Step 1: Install Nest Wallet
Nest Wallet is available in multiple platforms (close beta). You can request early access here:
  • Chrome extension: link
  • iOS App (coming soon)
  • Web: transactions signing pages are available to sign on Web.
Step 2: Log in to Nest Wallet
Enter your email to get started and we will send you a one-time code to log in.
Step 3: Create your organization
Create an organization to display and manage your Safes. We require every user to have an organization to get started. Don't worry, you can always edit details for the organization later.
Step 4: Import a Safe
Import or Create a Safe under your organization. For detailed step-by-step, please refer here.
Step 5 (optional): Invite a member or admin to your organization
There are 3 different roles under an organization:
  • Owner: is the user who created the organization. This cannot be changed.
  • Admin: full permission except deleting an organization.
  • Member: read-only permission.
Click on the organization name to enter the organization page which shows everything related to this organization. Click on the setting icon on the top right to go to the organization setting page.
Click on Members to start managing members for this organization
Invite a user to be an admin or member of your organization with their emails. They will receive an invitation email from Nest Wallet ([email protected]) to join your organization.