Import a wallet using Trezor

Step by step guide to import a personal wallet using Trezor.

Step 1: Select "Add Wallet"

Add a personal EOA wallet so you can sign transactions in Nest Wallet.

Step 2: Select "Import Hardware"
Step 3: Select "Trezor"
Step 4: Connect to Trezor

We are using the standard connect kit to Trezor. A new page will open up to guide you.

  • Follow the prompts to connect to Trezor and Export public key

  • Enter PIN for your Trezor

  • Select between "Standard wallet" and "Hidden wallet"

  • Select addresses that you would like to import

Step 5: Add a name for the newly imported wallet(s)
Step 6: Complete

Congratulations! You have successfully added a single signer wallet to Nest Wallet!

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