Update an imported Safe

On the wallet detail page, click on the ⚙️ on the top right. You can make a few changes to your Safe there:

  • Edit Wallet:

    • You can edit the wallet name or icon anytime.

  • Update Signers:

    • You can update/add/delete the signers and threshold of your Safe.

    • This will trigger a Safe transaction for the current signers to approve. Once that transaction is executed, signers list will be updated accordingly.

  • Multichain Deploy:

    • Unlike EOA wallets, Safe wallet has its designated network. To have the same wallet address deployed on other networks, you can use "Multichain Deploy".

    • However, there is one caveat.

      • Safe on Arbitrum/Ethereum/BNB/Polygon/Gnosis can be deployed to the same address.

      • Safe on Base/Optimism/Avalanche can be deployed to the same address to each other. This is because the factory address is different on those chains.

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