Create a new Safe wallet

After logging into Nest Wallet, here are some quick steps to add your Safe.

Step 1: Select "Add Safe Wallet"
Step 2: Select "Create New"
Step 3: Select wallet(s) as signers for your Safe

To choose signers for the Safe to be created, you can:

  • Choose a wallet that you imported in Nest Wallet

  • Search a wallet by address or ENS name

Step 4: Select the Chain for your new Safe
Step 5: Review all the information for the new Safe proposed

You can still edit the Name or Threshold at this step. Once you confirm, this Safe wallet will be generated locally.

Step 6: Active your Safe on-Chain

Click on Inactive Safe, you will be prompted to activate this Safe on-Chain by executing a transaction. For executor, you need a wallet that have sufficient balance to cover the gas fee.

Click on "Create Safe" after you selected the Executer and execute this transaction.

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