📝Propose a Safe transaction

Step 1: Click the Nest icon (center icon in the bar)

Select whether you want to Send a token, Swap a token with another or Receive.

Step 2: Fill in the transaction proposal details

Take Send a token as an example, here are the 4 steps

  • Select the token you want to transfer

  • Select the amount of token you want to transfer

  • Select the recipient wallet address

  • Confirm transaction as detail

Step 3: Review transaction summary

Review the transaction proposal details before you sign.

  • Nonce: we propose the next nonce for your transaction proposal, but you can customize the nonce as long as it's not signed.

  • Delete: you can delete a transaction proposal as long as it's not signed. If it has already been signed, you can only reject or reject with a transaction with the same nonce.

To customize the Nonce, click on the number to edit it.

If you want to execute this transaction next in line, make sure your Nonce is the next executable nonce.

Congratulations! You have just successfully created a transaction proposal.

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