Interact with AAVE

Step 1: Log in to Nest Wallet extension with your email if you haven't done so.

Step 2: Go to AAVE and click Connect Wallet, click on Browser wallet on the following page.

Step 3: Select "Use Nest Wallet" when a window pop up to choose wallet provider.

Step 3: Click Confirm to allow connection to AAVE.

Step 4: Supply to a Aave market

Switch Aave Market if needed. Enter the amount that you want to supply.

To continue, you need to grant Aave smart contracts permission to move your funds from your wallet.

  • Depending on the asset and wallet you use, it is done by signing the permission message (gas fee) or by submitting an approval transaction (require gas).

  • You will need Approve USDC before you can supply USDC.

  • If you have done it before and has the approval for USDC, you can skip to Step 6.

Click "Approve USDC to continue" and a window will pop up. Then click Confirm to proceed.

Note: Please keep the main AAVE page open.

Step 5: Review, Sign and Execution this Approval transaction

As a signer, please review the transaction details and sign it. Once the signature threshold is met, you can proceed to execute this transaction.

Once it's executed successfully, Nest Wallet pop up page will auto-close itself.

Step 6: Supply USDC to Aave Market

Confirm you are supplying USDC to Polygon Market.

Check transaction simulation to make sure everything is expected, then proceed to Confirm.

Step 7: Review, Sign and Execution this transaction to supply USDC.

Congratulations! You have now supplied your asset on Aave.

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